Education is the backbone of our standing in the world and the success of this nation.  We need to provide our public university students with the opportunity to have a debt-free education.

An informed electorate nurtures our democracy.  We need to have equal educational opportunities for all students, and we need to look at the deficiencies in public education and fix it.  We don’t need to have vouchers or charter schools that siphon money from already impoverished public school systems.  Rural school districts are already suffering from the decisions of this administration.

What Washington does not understand is that the school and the libraries are the center of the community.  When funding is taken away from these institutions, we remove the social and emotional center as well as deprive students of a path to higher education.  We need investment in our junior and community colleges as well as our universities to provide us with the talents that are needed in this rapidly developing world.  We need to understand that music and art are as important as math, science and technology.  Our current Education Secretary bought her way into her position, and supports “for profit” schools that will make more money for her and her billionaire investors. That is just plain wrong.

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